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Short Metric Team


Greenwood Osterley Archers are one of the teams that participate in the Short Metric League arranged by the Middlesex County Archery Association which aims to introduce newer archers to competitive outdoor archery, visiting other Middlesex Archery Clubs in the spirit of friendly rivalry.


The competition is a Short Metric Round, shot in two distances of 50 meters and 30 meters on a 80 cm Target Face with a maximum score of 720. The distances are not that far although with a smaller target face. 


Last 2014, the club took home the Handicap Shield led by Sailesh, one of the club coaches. The team composed mostly of 2nd year to veteran archers. If you are new to the club we encourage you take part in this friendly competition. The club will usually shoot in the Grasshoppers Field but will also be visiting other archery clubs in West London specially rival clubs.


Competitive members and specially the improving shooters will be awarded medals apart from achieving specific classifications and scores. Participating youth club members will also be recognized for their efforts and performance. So join in, the more the merrier!



Sailesh (on the right) with Jan and Marie

GOA 2014 Short Metric Team

The GOA 2014 Short Metric Team visiting the Aquarius Archery Club last September 2014

GOA 2014 Short Metric Team

If you wish to participate in the 2017 Short Metric League, simply fill in the form below. Please specify which discipline or bow type you will be shooting.


Use the "Message" box if you have any specific questions for Sailesh or other queries you may have. 


A team list will then be sent over via the e-mail you've provided, other information will be sent which includes competition dates, venues, Scores, and handicaps.

Your message were sent successfully!

The new GOA Short Metric Team for 2015 with along energetic youth archers.

Above are the currently signed up club members that will make up the GOA Short Metric Team 

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