Getting Into Archery with the Club

If you have paid a visit in the club or have thought of pushing yourself of trying the sport after watching Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye of the Avengers and even following countless hours of "The Arrow" T.V. Series - of course not to forget the legendary Robinhood and dreamt being one day representing Great Britain along side the greats of Larry Godfrey, Naomi Folkard and countless others. You have come to the right place!

Beginners Courses

The course comprises of six lessons at a cost of £60 (payable in advance) and includes insurance cover and the hire of equipment.


The club holds beginners lessons for six weeks which are held on the months of September, November and February.


What about Juniors?


We encourage juniors (under 18yrs) and have currently over thirty active juniors in the club. Please note that Insurance regulations require all juniors must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


If you require further information please contact our qualified GNAS Beginners Coaching Officer.

"Archery as an art is more like music than anything else. At first you blunder horridly with the keys of a piano; but at length you can dash through a waltz at a gallop. So when you begin long range shooting you may not score 150 at the Double York Round; but the time soon comes when you easily count off 500 or 600. Intelligent training is everything. The race is to the diligent. Patience and intelligent labor form the royal road to success."


How to train in Archery, Being a complete study of the York Round by Maurice and Will H. Thompson, 1879 (courtesy Archery Library)

If you have decided to take your first beginners lessons with us or you wish to return to the sport, please visit the link below:

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