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Minimum age 10 years old (Year 5 onwards). 
Information taken from ArcheryGB. 
Archery is a sport that will challenge your child mentally whilst encouraging them to enjoy an active lifestyle. If you are looking for interesting after-school classes, archery for children will be an excellent choice.
1. Archery for kids is mentally challenging: Archery is one of the kids’ activities that will make your child think at the same time as it keeps them physically moving. As well as boosting numeracy skills through score keeping, archery will help your child to think tactically, use their hand-eye coordination, plan ahead and evaluate their own skills.
2. Sports are a great way to keep kids physically active: Archery for kids can be physically demanding. It is one of the best kids’ activities for strengthening those upper body muscles that children may not be using so much when they run around the playground or play other sports in school.
3. Archery for kids provides very social kids’ activities: Archery taught in after-school classes involves plenty of socialising with other kids who enjoy the same sport. Although archery is often an individual sport, your child may also get to work as part of a team, particularly if they have the chance to compete.
4. Children only have to compete against themselves: While your child might get the chance to compete if they want to, archery for kids is mainly about improving your own performance. This means that kids who don’t enjoy competitive sports can thrive in the more relaxed environment of their after-school classes in archery.
5. Archery helps build confidence: Because of the focus on self-improvement, children who practice archery can develop more confidence and self-esteem. As they get better at hitting the target, they will be able to challenge themselves to shoot from a further distance or to hit a smaller target.
6. Archery for kids is accessible: While it can be physically demanding, archery is one of the most accessible sporting kids activities, suitable for people with all levels of physical ability. It doesn’t matter if your child isn’t naturally sporty, or even if they are affected by a disability, they will still be able to enjoy archery.
7. Archery requires focus: Every time your child makes a shot, they will need to concentrate on what they are doing in order to follow the right procedure and hit the target. They will need to stay focused and use their brain as much as their muscles in order to succeed.
8. Archery boosts patience: As well as having to focus carefully on individual shots, your child will have to learn to be patient. When they are playing in after-school classes or competitions, they will often have to wait their turn, and they will also have to be patient if they want to get the best score. Waiting for the right moment to let the arrow loose is a key part of archery.
9. Archery for children teaches responsibility: Kids’ activities that involve caring for equipment and learning how to follow important safety rules can help your child to become more responsible. As they learn how to handle their bow and arrows, they will also be learning to think about the safety of themselves and others. This is an important lesson that they can take into other areas of their lives, and after-school classes provide a safe environment in which to learn it.
10. Kids will be inspired by their heroes: Kids who are fans of characters such as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series will be motivated to get active and attend after-school classes by the chance to learn a skill they have watched their hero use onscreen. Choosing kids’ activities that link to your child’s other interests will help them to have more fun and remain motivated.

Michael Peart: Archery GB Head Paralympic Coach and broadcaster with one of our member during Game Changer Sky Sport Programme.

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