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Club Rules


The club is registered and insured with Archery GB. 


The normal Archery GB/World Archery rules of shooting and general archery etiquette apply when shooting at the Greenwood Osterley Archers ground but there are some club specific rules that archers are required to adhere to.


  • On normal club days archers should only ever have six arrows in their quiver, this it prevents any uncertainty of whether an arrow has been lost or left back home/in the case.

  • No, all carbon arrows.  As Goals is a mixed-use sports ground and as these arrows cannot be found using a metal detector the chance of one of these being lost in the grass is too great.

  • Any arrows that can not be found needs to be recorded in the Lost Arrow book that is kept in the hut.

  • Keys for the equipment huts are available from the Club Treasurer upon payment of a deposit (currently £20).

  • When shooting there should be a minimum of 2 people over the age of 18 at all times. 

  • When setting up please make sure there are two people carrying the bosses at all times. DO NOT SET UP ON YOUR OWN. 

  • Target should be set up facing away from the houses. 

  • There should be a 20 metres safety gap between either sides of the field. 

  • There should be a 5 yards gap between the waiting line and shooting line.

  • A Field Captain should be present when shooting is in progress. One whistle signifies safe to shoot and 3 whistles safe to collect. If you hear multiple whistles or some shouting FAST, please stop shooting immediately and retreat back to the waiting line and wait further instructions from the field captain. 

  • When scoring please make sure that there other people verifying your scores. 


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