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Archery Etiquette:

Upon arrival:

· Greet field captain and discuss distance you wish to shoot

· Assist with target preparation/field layout if necessary

· Set up equipment quietly, request assistance if required

· Go to your target and wait for shooting to commence


· Generally archers shoot 6 arrows (called an “end”) in two sets of 3s.

· Generally six arrows called sighters are allowed to get your eye in

· The first archer(s) to go up to shoot three arrows are designated the “First Detail”, whilst the second archer(s) become the “Second Detail”

· During sighters and the first scoring end of arrows, the First Detail go up to the line first.

However, after that the two details alternate, as follows:

Sighters: First Detail, then Second

1st End: First Detail, then Second

2nd End: Second Detail, then First

Technically, this is so that all archers get an equal chance (by rotating) to shoot at an empty target face (it’s not fair if every time the gold has already filled up by the time you get to shoot)

· Once you have shot your arrows (whether it is the initial 3 or all 6) you must move back to the waiting line

· Always be vigilant and prepared to call “Fast” (the universal archery emergency phrase) if you spot a hazard, or respond immediately to the “Fast” call by stopping shooting and returning to the waiting line until the all clear is given

· Never step over the shooting line unless the whistle to collect has been blown

· Heed the whistles: 1 whistle means you can approach the shooting line, 3 whistles means that you can approach the targets to collect arrows

· Be mindful of arrows hidden in grass as you approach the targets; if you see any, carefully remove them from the grass and lay them clearly on top of the grass at the exact spot you found them so the owner can gauge their sighting accordingly

· Don’t touch arrows in the target until all scoring has been completed

· Don’t collect your lost arrows until your scorer is happy that your score has been recorded

· Always assist other archers to look for their arrows, one day you’ll need them to help you!

Completion of shooting:

· Thank the field captain (generally someone calls for three cheers)

· Thank your scorer

· Acknowledge all the other archers sharing your target

· Check and sign the completed scoresheet (quick tip if you can’t be bothered to check all the addition, if at the end of the round you have an even number of total hits, then your overall score will be an even number, and if you have an odd number of total hits, your total score will be odd.

· Assist with putting targets and signs away before you put your own equipment away

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