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Meet The Committtee

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Charlie Fremantle 

Club President 

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Charlie has been a good member of the club for almost 12 years. He is always willing to help out with set up and packing away. He is always very welcoming to all members of the club.  He helps with organising the frostbite and organises the other rounds at the club. 

Time of the year again for the Richmond pagoda Shoot🎯#warm welcome from Richmond ! Our GO

Sailesh Shah 

Club Chairman & Beginners Coach

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You will notice Sailesh, Unmissable with that white foxy hair! He is a valuable member of our club. He has been shooting for 40 years and he is our coach for our beginners courses. He will tell you how it is and you will get invaluable advice about archery. He also makes a nice tea if you are early enough!  He is also a keen member of the Badminton Club for a number of years. You can catch him at the field or the clubhouse for a pint anytime. 

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Rowland Mynors

Club Secretary 

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Rowland is very friendly and welcoming. He is always approachable for any advice. He deals with all the memberships. He is always helping with set up and packing away!  He is the Zen Master! You may catch him on the field doing strange poses and shooting!  

Kevin Burles


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Kevin is a very dedicated archer. As a Chef in his day job he often brings delicious cakes for everyone to enjoy.


He is always available to answer questions and help out! Very Friendly member of the club! He deals with all the money that comes in to the club! 

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Neneh Brathwaite

Joint Publicity Officer

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Neneh is a lovely member of the club who is willing to help out whenever she can.  

She will be helping Meera in doing updates to the website, Social Media pages and edit our Newsletter. 

She will be in charge of all the Fun shoots in the new year. 

Meera Shah 

Club Publicity Officer /

Enquries Officer / Coach

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Meera is Sailesh's lovely daughter and has been shooting for 20 Years. She bakes the best cakes!


She is in charge of writing our newsletter and website, She is a judge, archer, and Coach! She helps run the beginners courses alongside Sailesh and Jonathan!


She has full on job volunteering for the club. She occasionally shoots at competitions when she is not judging! 


To top it off she is now the MCAA Secretary!  You will always see her down the field and is always available to answer your questions and help out!  

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Paul Darter 

Safeguarding Officer 

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Paul lives in Ealing and has been a member of Greenwood Osterley Archers for several years after joining with his son.  He shoots recurve imperfectly and works in film and TV when not at the club.


Jonathan Gilbride

Beginners Coach

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Jonathan has been part of Greenwood Osterley Archers for many years and he is a very dedicated archer. Usually shooting longbow he is also helping with the beginners courses and new members coming to our club.

Archery Board

Bernice Roust

Ordinary Member

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Bernice is always friendly and helpful. You will always see her down often the club shooting and helping with set up and packing away.  Been a great member of the club for 18 years! 

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